A Busy Month For Google

Well, it’s been a busy October for Google and there’s still time for more changes yet before November creeps in!


Google Disavow Links

Good news for the industry! Google has developed a tool allowing webmasters to indicate bad links, meaning you can disavow any spammy links to your website. And it seems with the Disavow link tool, it’s simple to implement.

Updates to The Above The Fold Page Algorithm

The page layout algorithm, launched in January, following the Panda update aimed to lower the rankings of pages which were seen to be too ad heavy. In this algorithm update, websites which don’t have much content ‘above-the-fold’ could be affected by this change. This is said to affect 1% of all search queries globally, have you seen any difference yet?


Changes to Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced CPC

Google are making changes to the conversion optimizer and enhanced CPC settings on campaigns to help with conversion rates. Campaigns using optimize for clicks will be automatically changed to Optimize for Conversions. Campaigns with rotate evenly settings on ads will automatically begin to optimize for conversions when ads are unchanged after 90 days.

So if you’re not targeting conversions, you’ll need to change your settings back when they come into affect from the 12th November.

Call Reporting Available in Adwords Express

Google’s new call reporting allows you to see how many calls you receive from your PPC ads in Adwords Express (other than the ones using call link extensions). You can now see in the Adwords Express dashboard the number of calls received.

In other news in October, Bing has introduced Sitelink extensions…. Only two years after first introduced by Google. More about Bing’s sitelink extensions here


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