Increasing Your PPC Productivity

With pay-per-click (PPC) it’s easy to spend hours on end optimising your account. There are literally endless amount of things you could do, so how can you increase your PPC productivity? Check out these few tips for starters!

Excel – Don’t underestimate the power of excel. You can use Excel for all types of things -Bid management, keyword ad analysis, adding new keywords and ads etc. This can save you loads of time sifting through data on Adwords and you can upload your changes back to Adwords Editor in minutes!

A Good Old Fashioned To-Do List – Sounds simple, but I’m shocked by how many people dont work from one. With a to-do list you can establish your priorities and the order of your tasks. In PPC it’s sometimes very easy to do the tasks you enjoy first and ignore the more mundane ones so a to do list can help to show your priorities for the day/week/month.

Don’t Waste Time on Things You Can’t or Won’t be Able to Influence – It’s very easy to get caught up in stats, but there are few stats that you can actually act on or simply have the time to be able to analysis fully so use your time analysing wisely!

Automating Your Account – Google Adwords allows you to set automatic rules for your ads and keywords. This limits the amount of time you spend amended keywords and pausing/activating ads. This can be particularly useful in out of office hours. In the Adwords interface, on the ads or keyword tabs on campaigns, select the Automate dropdown box to set your rules. Here are some things you can use automatic rules for:

  • Pause ads with a certain ad text when offers have ended
  • Increased bids by a certain % on keywords which have converted or to increase ad position
  • Decrease bids which are spending over a certain amount or not converting
  • Schedule ads to be shown at certain times of the day/week and increase bids at certain times

Advanced Search on Adwords Editor – If you’re working on a large account (or even a smaller one), you can use the advanced search on Adwords Editor to quickly find certain data or attributes. For example, you can search for a particular ad text or keywords. So if you need to quickly change multiple ads/keywords you can do this without having to do into every campaign/ad group separately or export the data to Excel. You can also state campaigns or ad groups in which you don’t want to show the results for. This is particularly useful if there are certain campaigns or ad groups that you don’t want to amend.

Automated Reports – In the report centre in Adwords you can create custom reports and they will be emailed to you whenever you ask for them to be! You can also do this in Analytics.

Feel free to share your tips on increasing PPC productivity in the comment box below!


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