Let’s Get Searchical Wins A Liebster Blog Award

I have received my first ‘blog award’, just  a month after starting Let’s Get Searchical! Thank you very much to Organised Clutter for the nomination.

The Liebster Blog Award is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers – making it a fun award for us in the blogging community. It recognizes blogs who have a small following, especially those who have less than 200 followers.

Okay, so I know these things are as bad as ‘Like this picture or 100 puppies will die’ on Facebook, but it’s still nice for my blog to be found and ‘nominated’ so I’m going to join in and keep the spam going!

The following are the rules for those who have been nominated:

  • Post eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated
  • Choose eleven people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post
  • Go to their page and tell them
  • Remember, no tag backs!

So, going by these rules, here are the 11 Facts about me:

    1. I graduated in July with a BA Business Management Degree
    2. I work for a Digital Marketing Agency as a PPC Account Executive
    3. I’m a digital geek. This is my own personal blog that I do for fun!
    4. I volunteer in Romania with kids in a poor Roma village, it’s a huge part of my life (The charity is Aid For Romanian Children)
    5. I’m a huge football fan and support Bradford city. I played for about 10 years, until about two years ago
    6. I live with my fiance and am currently trying to save for our wedding (but we keep spending our savings on holidays!)
    7. I’m an adrenaline junkie. Did a sky dive for Romania and am doing a bungee jump soon!
    8. I love hats
    9. I’m ridiculously unfit for my age and small size
    10. I love snow boarding, but am not very good!
    11. I’m allergic to wine and vodka (not really, but they don’t agree with me!

Here are the questions I have been asked by my nominator:

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sleeping in until midday on weekend!

Who is your favorite author?

Seth Godin – I love his marketing books.

What inspires you to blog?

Writing about something I’m passionate about in the hope that someone out there reads this!

What is your mood pick-up song?

I have a whole playlist of pick up songs that I play on the way to work! Any songs that remind me of Romania always give me a good pick up.

Which social network do you like the most?

A year ago I would have said Facebook without a doubt but now it’s all about Twitter. I do like Pinterest too.

What are your favourite fashion trends of 2012?

I have no fashion sense at all, so no comment on this one!

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

I can take or leave either (sorry animal lovers!). If I really have to pick then dogs!

What are your top 3 favourite TV shows?

Friends, The Apprentice, Prison Break

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I’d love to be able to fly or be invisible. Can I have both?!

What is your favourite place in the world?

Romania, I just love it there.

Describe your blog in 3 words.

Different, real, informative

The 11 Questions for those who I nominate are:

1. Describe yourself in three words

2. Who is your idol?

3. Favourite band?

4. Why do you start your blog?

5. What is your occupation?

6. Book or a Kindle?

7. What is your party trick?

8. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

9. What inspires you?

10. If you won big on the lottery, what would be the first three things you buy?

11. Which 5 famous people would you invite to a dinner party?

***Drum Roll***

The 11 (Marketing related) blogs I will be nominating for the Liebster Blog Award are:

1 – Christian Plewacki

2 – Matt Vegas

3 – Manlio Mannozzi

4 – Derek Benthem

5 – Digital Marketing Measurement

6 – So Relevant

7 – Laura Louise 90

8 – Phoung Nguyen 17

9 – Brandication

10 – It’s a Digital Marketing World

11 – Evy Finds The Way


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