Search Engine Marketing News This Month

November has been a quieter month for Google with no major algorithm changes (good news for SEO). Here are some of the main search engine marketing news this month:

Google Make Changes to Help Businesses Get Local for the Holiday Season

Google have made a few (small scale) changes to location targeting and location extensions to help small businesses ‘get local’ in time for the holiday season. The latest Google Adwords updates include:

  • Airport targeting – A great opportunity to target people who travel
  • Location extensions and extensions shown together – up until now you have been unable to have both showing at the same time. A great way to get more visibility and target consumers with relevant links.
  • More detailed maps – location extensions on desktop and laptops will now show a bigger, more detailed map.
  • Conversion reporting for location extensions
  • Geo-targeting and location extensions rolled out to more countries

Bing Publishes Its Webmaster Guidelines

Bing have recently published its first webmaster guidelines. Not surprisingly, there isn’t any groundbreaking guidelines that stray to far from Googles.

The Bing webmaster guidelines can be found here

Facebook – ‘An External Advertising Network Is Coming Soon

Facebook up until now has kept its CPC advertising offering on Facebook, but now Facebook ads could soon be stalking you around the internet.

With Facebook’s recent £735 million takeover from Instagram, there is potential to increase it’s ad targeting to Instagram users too. It can be argued that Facebook knows more about their users than Google does, with in-depth data about their likes and dislikes so this has the potential to be huge.

Google Indoor Maps

Google Maps Indoor Floor plans are now available on Desktops as well as Andriod devices. The indoor floor plans show gates at the airport, ATM machines and restrooms as well as different stores and departments within shopping malls.

Some of the uses of indoor maps:

  • Find your boarding gate at the airport before you get there
  • Look at shopping center layouts
  • Find your way around train stations, libraries and museums

I’m not sure how useful indoor floor maps actually are and can’t imagine that many people using them considering anywhere big enough to need help navigating around will already have maps inside. The only use would be to target users with relevant offers.

Large Scale Changes in Adwords Now Easier and Quicker

Google have announced they’ll be making it easier to make large scale changes to PPC campaigns in Adwords Editor. The changes will make it easier to amend copy on ads, adjust bids, amend URL’s and make changes to keywords.

These changes are currently been rolled out to a limited number of Adwords accounts while they test these, before expanding it out to everyone in the next few weeks.


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