Is Your Digital Marketing Ready For Christmas?

Okay, so I’m usually one of those people who doesn’t think or talk about Christmas until a week before (yes, a scrooge you might say), but it’s hard not to think about it when you work in the marketing industry. It’s so important for businesses to be ready for the biggest spending period of year and with the increase in consumers spending online it’s even more important to be prepared early.

These stats from eConsultancy speak for themselves:

  • 80% of UK shoppers have reserved products online for collection in stores (up from 74% in 2011).
  • 44% of UK shoppers always research purchases on the internet before buying offline.
  • Just 4% never use the internet for product research.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to make sure your Digital Marketing is ready for the madness of Christmas spending and help optimize your campaigns to the max!

Social media

Are you actively pushing your offerings around the Christmas period on all social media channels? If not, why not?! There isn’t a better place to voice your brand and offers. Be that Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram, if your customers are hanging out there, you should be reaching those people and engaging with them!


If there was only one month of the year you could make yourself appear on a search engine results page (SERP) then now would be the time. Just having your PPC campaign active isn’t enough though, optimisation is needed so you can make the most of all the searches. These few things are key in increasing your sales:

  • Have a spring clean – Are all your links working? Do you have outdated ad copy? Bidding on irrelevant keywords? Check, check and check again!
  • Sniff out the competition – Do you know what your competitors are up to? If they’re pushing a big offer or in higher positions you need to know about it and react quickly.
  • Optimize your bids – Are your top performing keywords in high positions? Are you paying high CPC’s on keywords that don’t convert?
  • Get your message right – With the increased competition and more consumer choice it’s even more important to get your messaging right and make people want to click on your ad over all the others.
  • Expand your keywords – If you haven’t added new keywords into your account for a while, now is the perfect time to do so. With a huge increase in searches, adding new ones into your account with give you that extra visibility over the busy period. Using the Google keyword tool and opportunities tool will give you ideas on what kewords you can add.
  • Be negative – Phrase and broad matches can bring all sorts of rubbish search terms triggering your ads. Running a search query report will identify all the search terms your keywords are showing. With the increased spend, you don’t want to be paying for searches that will never convert.


With the increased emphasis in creating great, ‘shareable’ content, the Christmas period provides a great opportunity to engage with your customers and potential customers. Whether that’s an infographic, competition, article or email Christmas is the time you should be focusing your energy on creating exceptional content that will help bring in the sales!

So, are you ready for Christmas?  


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