5 Common Misconceptions About PPC

PPC / Paid Search Marketing / Pay-Per-Click can be a funny old world and one that can be a bit of a mystery to some people. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about PPC and why they’re complete rubbish!

Your Work Is Done Once Someone Clicks On Your Ad

Wouldn’t that be nice?! But no, sadly it doesn’t quite work like that.  The ad copy you write plays only a small part in determining the success of your paid search campaign. The landing page needs to be relevant to both the keyword and ad. You might have a fantastic clickthrough rate on your ads, but if you’re not getting a good conversion rate then you’re work is far from done! Arguably on site optimisation is just as important as the set up and delivery of your PPC campaign.

You Have to Be Number 1 To Succeed

Unlike in natural search rankings, it is not always best to be number 1 for PPC. Number 1 rankings mean you pay a higher CPC (cost per click) and more people will see your ad but not necessarily click on it just because it’s top. Not all your keywords will be keywords that convert well or that are completely relevant to what you’re offering/selling, so you don’t want to be spending higher costs just to be at the top of the page. Your ads will still get clicked on when they’re not in poll position and you’ll still be able to achieve a ROI.

There’s No Point Paying When I Can Get Clicks For Free / It’s Too Expensive

PPC isn’t just an additional marketing cost, it’s an investment (and a necessary one if you ask me!). Who doesn’t want more visits to their website and increase revenue?! While, you can get a healthy amount of visits from search engines naturally (roughly 70% of clicks come from natural listings), you can get even more by using PPC marketing.

Paid Search Marketing gives you quicker results which are easier to quickly change to optimise your account. If a keyword/ad isn’t give you a return, then you can easily switch it off, optimise and test something else meaning you’re not spending on things that don’t work.

You Need To Have Years Of Experience

Obviously the more experience you’ve got in PPC, the easier it will be to manage your account(s). But you don’t need to have years of experience to successfully build and develop PPC campaigns. I started reading about PPC in blogs and books long before I actually stated working on it, so it’s easily possible to learn the basics. Once you’ve know the basics you’ll start to learn what works and what doesn’t and that learning will never stop – no matter how experienced you are!

The More Keywords The Better

While it’s good to increase your potential reach, it’s not necessarily better Ad groups should be tightly defined with just a few relevant keywords. The less keywords you have, the more likely your ad and landing page are relevant to the keyword. Focus on making sure the keywords you select are likely to convert, rather than trying to target as many keywords as you can!

Thanks for reading. I feel a common misconceptions about SEO blog coming up…


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