5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

After writing 5 Common Misconceptions About PPC, 5 common misconceptions about SEO was in high demand (not really, I just had an urge to write it). SEO / Natural Search  just like Paid Search Marketing has many misconceptions associated to it, so I’m here to whack them right out of the park!

It Will Take Too Long to Start Ranking

You’d be surprised at how quickly your site can start ranking for keywords. Google will generally start crawling your website within 24 hours (that’s once you’ve told them to crawl it that is!). A combination of good content, HTML tags, titles and descriptions should see your site starting to rank for relevant keywords. Then once you start acquiring back links, creating fresh content and getting a presence on social media these rankings will continue to improve.

Content is All That Matters
Content may be king, but a king needs to be backed up by its army and family! In this case, it’s on page optimisation & structure, a good strategy and social media presence that will see the king keep its reign! Content is only a small part in determining your natural search engine rankings.

Content Is King

All You Need to Do is Link Build

Just like content is a small part in the SEO puzzle, so is link building. While it would be difficult to gain top rankings in the search engine results pages without backlinks to your site, good SEO performance cannot be achieved by solely link building. Link building strategies must be backed up by a good site structure, relevant landing pages and an overall strategy which integrates all aspects of SEO.

You Have to Be an SEO Guru
Just like PPC, you don’t need to have years of experience in search engine marketing to be able to get your site ranking and converting (though its obviously a bonus). Getting to grips with the basic concepts and keeping up with trends and those all important algorithm changes is a good starting point.

Google (/Pandas) Ruins Everything

Google’s algorithm changes have the potential to make or break a websites rankings. The Panda updates not too long ago affected a huge amount of search queries and consequently websites rankings were lowered. It is a misconception that these algorithm changes always have an negative impact on a websites search rankings, but that’s not necessarily the case. Search engine algorithms have the potential to improve your rankings, you just need to be on top of the developments and be able to adapt your strategy quickly, inline with the changes.

….Google if you’re reading I didn’t mean that, please still rank my site 🙂

Got any misconceptions about SEO? Feel free to pop a comment in the box below!


4 thoughts on “5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

    • How funny! Great post, I still believe that in terms of just SEO content is king. But agree with what you’re saying on a greater scale that the king is the user. They ultimately have more power as they decide whether they engage with your brand and buy with what you’re selling!

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