The Winners and Losers Of Enhanced Campaigns

Okay, so it’s still a little too early to be declaring the winners and losers from the recent Enhanced Campaigns announcement by Google but it’s still clear to see who will benefit from this change, who will lose out and who will have to work extremely hard in the next months to find a campaign structure(s) which works best with the changes.


  • Businesses who have never bothered to target mobile devices and create mobile friendly landing page – They’ll now be able to automatically opt in to targeting mobile without ever spending the time to build an account which is optimised for mobile performance
  • Marketing agencies and PPC specialists – One thing that this change has highlighted is that you need the best PPC experts handling accounts to be able to adapt to these changes best.
  • Businesses with lots of physical locations – Arguably one of the best parts of this update is that you can now adjust bids based on geographic location. So if you own a retail store in the city centre you can raise bids to people on mobile devices within a few miles of your store. Free call tracking is also a bonus. Call extensions and phone numbers can be automatically replaced by sitelink extensions out of office hours.
  • And the biggest winners?….. Google! There might be a nice video and explanation on all the Google blogs to make it seem that Enhanced Campaigns are the best things since slice bread, but it’s pretty transparent to see their intentions. CPC’s on mobile devices were around 50% lower than desktop ones and with an ever increasing volume of mobile searches, how do Google increase revenue from mobile? Make everyone opt into mobile and make it more difficult to adjust mobile bids, easy!


  • Campaigns that are structured to split out mobile, tablet and desktop – PPC campaigns which split out device type into separate campaigns using different bid strategies, landing pages and ad copy now have this flexibility and control removed. While you can use bid multipliers on mobile devices to adjust bids from -100% to 300+% this is at a campaign level not at a keyword level. As we all know keywords work well on certain devices and it’s not a one case fits all, so adjusting bids by campaign is not very helpful.
  • Those who do not treat tablet and desktop the same – For some PPC campaigns tablet and desktop have similar search volumes, CTR’s and conversion rates but for other tablet simply doesn’t work aswell as desktop. Enhanced campaigns now mean that tablet and desktop have to be merged into one, without the ability to use different messaging, landing pages and more importantly CPC’s.

There are benefits to the Enhanced Campaigns, but I among with all the other PPC marketers are dreading all the hours I’ll need to spend on different accounts to adapt to these changes and make sure clients don’t lose out from yet another change by Google. Will you benefit or suffer from these changes?

Thanks for reading!


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