Dealing With Life With Enhanced Campaigns

Now we’ve all had time to take in the changes from the Enhanced Campaigns, the reaction has shifted from disappointment/anger to acceptance and trying to work out the best plan of action to make the most out of the change. I’ve even stopped writing Enhanced Campaigns as “Enhanced Campaigns” – that’s acceptance for you, right there! For most of us the change is huge and will require hours of work on a lot of accounts and a change in strategy, leaving us with some very important questions to answer:

Should We Roll Out Now or Wait Until June?

The advantage of not waiting until June is that you can get a really good idea of how to make the change work. Rolling out a small number of campaigns to enhanced can teach us some valuable learnings before rolling out to all campaigns. Campaigns which target just mobile will be in no rush to upgrade, while those who could benefit from geographical bidding and site link extension scheduling will be more inclined to upgrade now.

Do We/How Do We Change Our Structure?

For accounts that split out mobile, tablet and desktop are naturally the ones who are left with a lot of questions on how to adapt the structure. Split high performing mobile keywords into their own campaigns and increase the bid modifiers by 300%? Take poor performing mobile keywords and bundle together to turn bids down/off? What to do with the keywords that convert on mobile but not desktop? Keep the curent structure and adjust mobile bids by a campaign average? The list of questions goes on!

What Bidding Strategy Shall We Use?

While we are no longer able to have separate bids for tablet and are really restricted to mobile bidding at just a campaign level, there are some benefits to enhanced campaigns in geographical bidding. How do you change your bidding strategy to best target people in your location? Turn down bids in locations where you don’t have a physical presence, or increase bids when people are near a store/dealership or try target areas where you see better conversion rates?

How Will Landing Pages Be Affected?

If you’ve spent a lot of time creating mobile/tablet optimised pages you don’t want them to have to go to waste. It looks like you’ll be able to select your preferred landing page for mobile, but I’m not sure if you can do this at a keyword level yet. With geographical targeting do you create landing pages with a different message?

Do We Need to Change Our Ad Copy?

Again, with geographical, situational targeting there is now a bigger potential to be more specific with your messaging. Do you have an in store offer in a certain area? A new product that’s just launched? You now have more power to tell the people that should know about your offer/service in different locations.

Sitelink extensions can also be used in the same way and then be scheduled to be turned off at certain times.

How will you deal with enhanced campaigns?


3 thoughts on “Dealing With Life With Enhanced Campaigns

  1. Great post! Could you explain more about Site Link Extension Scheduling? I’m working with the legacy version of AdWords and can still use Site Link extensions so I think I’m misunderstanding something. Thanks!

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